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Soft deletable

Version 3.4 introduces support for soft deletion on entities.

Suppose you have an interface/abstract class/base class which has "IsDeleted" property or ANY bool property which indicated that this entity is virtually deleted.

Then you can use this method to set it up. Just run it once on your application startup.

(entity => entity.IsDeleted);


  • ISoftDeletable from the above example can be an interface or any base class.
  • It needs to be created by you and won't be provided in this tracking library
  • IsDeleted from above example can have any name but need to be a bool property with public getter and setter

Soft-Delete Behaviour#

  • If you change the soft-delete property from false to true and save that entity, the event type saved in audit log will be SoftDeleted.
  • Important: If you change multiple properties including soft-delete property, it will still be detected and saved as SoftDeleted instead of Modified.

Un-Delete Behaviour#

Un-deletion works the same way you would expect it to work; change soft delete property from true to false and log will be saved as Undeleted